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Xile v2.4 - jQuery File Upload for XMod Pro

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Product Description

XILE is a powerful single and multiple file upload control built on Blueimp's jQuery File Upload, ImageResizer, and a mix of our own flavor exclusively for use within XMP Forms. No... You're not dreaming.

Documentation $79.95 - Buy Now!

Feature Highlights

  •   No post-backs/page refresh!
  •   Single and Multiple options per/instance!
  •   Full control over styling!
  •   Allow mixing of images with other file types in a single instance!
  •   Define multiple resize versions for images with custom prefix!
  •   Control max files, file types, max file size and much more per/instance!
  •   Supports DropZone!
  •   AWS S3 Storage
  •   Azure Storage


  •   Xmod Pro 4.5.3+
  •   DNN v6.0+
  •   jQuery-UI v1.9+


The front-end of Xile is built from BlueImp's jQuery Uploader by Sebastian Tschan and is released under the MIT license. Xile delivers this into the world of DNN and XModPro to bring the best file upload solution for XModers.

Xile also includes the original and unedited library from ImageResizing.net by Imazen and Nathanael Jones and is released under the Freedom License. This means you can incorporate an incredible amount of resize options within Xile.

Xile is a must have for your XMod Pro toolkit! Buy Now!