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Stripe for XMod Pro v1.0.0 - Accept credit card payments on your site!

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Product Description

Accept payments from anyone... anywhere! 

Stripe for XMod Pro is a collection of custom form actions and template controls that interact with the Stripe API. No setup fees, merchant accounts or gateways! In short, accepting credit card payments on your site couldn't be easier!

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Feature Highlights


  •   XMod Pro v4.7.4
  •   DNN v7.0.0+
  •   ASP.NET v4.5+


DNN Software dnnsoftware.com

MIT License

XMod Pro dnndev.com

XMod Pro is a licensed/commercial product. Stripe for XMod Pro is an extension for XMod Pro, and because of this, we just want to say thank you Kelly Ford for providing a superb product.

Stripe.com stripe.com

Thanks so much to the incredible team at Stripe for creating such a wonderful platform.

Stripe.NET by Jayme Davis

Apache 2.0 License

Big thanks for Jayme Davis for this incredible solution. This library is simply re-assembled as Reflect.Stripe.net.dll under a different namespace to prevent potential collision with other modules and/or libraries in DNN. Licensed under Apache 2.0, the source code can be found here.

Accept Credit Card Payments! Buy Now!